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Os Melhores Discos de 2000 - Wire

Anti-Pop Consortium - Tragic Epilogue (75 Ark)
Kid606 - Down With The Scene (Ipecac)
Radiohead - Kid A (Capitol)
The Fall - The Unutterable (Eagle)
Otomo Yoshihide - Cathode (Tzadik)
Outkast - Stankonia (Arista)
Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele (Epic)
Ryoji Ikeda - Matrix (Touch)
Derek Bailey - String Theory (Paratactile)
Joe Harriott - Genius (Jazz Academy)
Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Ninja Tune)
Coil - Musick To Play In The Dark Vol 2 (Chalice)
Luomo - Vocalcity (Force Inc)
Primal Scream - Exterminator (Creation)
Current 93 - Sleep Has His House (Durtro)
Fushitsusha - I Saw It! That Which Before I Could Only
Sense (Paratactile)
Parker/Guy/Lytton & Marilyn Crispell - After Appleby (Leo)
Philip Jeck - Vinyl Coda I-III (Intermedium)
Pole - Pole 3 (Kiff SM)
Cale/Conrad/MacLise/Young/Zazeela - Inside The Dream Syndicate Vol 1: Day Of Niagara (1965) (Table Of The Elements)
Chicago Underground Duo - Synesthesia (Thrill Jockey)
John Butcher & Phil Durrant - Requests & Antisongs (Erstwhile)
Infesticons - Gun Hill Road (Big Dada)
Fennesz/O¹Rourke/Rehberg - The Magic Sound Of Fenno¹berg (Mego)
Merzbow - Merzbox (Extreme Special Editions)
The Necks - Hanging Gardens (Fish Of Milk)
Einstürzende Neubauten - Silence Is Sexy (Mute)
Terry Riley - The Gift (Organ Of Corti)
Various - Harry Smith's Anthology Of American Folk Music Vol 4 (Revenant)
Gordon Mumma - Studio Retrospective (Lovely Music)
New York Art Quartet - 35th Reunion (DIW)
D'Angelo - Voodoo (Virgin)
Isolée - Rest (Playhouse)
Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks Vol 16 (Grateful Dead Records)
Current 93 - Faust (Durtro)
Evan Parker & Keith Rowe - Dark Rags (Potlatch)
Kim Gordon/Ikue Mori/DJ Olive - Kim Gordon/Ikue Mori/DJ Olive (SYR)
Dean Roberts And The Black Moths - Play The Grand Cinema (Ritornell)
Derek Bailey/Jamaaladeen Tacuma/Calvin Weston - Mirakle (Tzadik)
Two Dollar Guitar - Weak Beats And Lame Ass Rhymes (Smells Like)
Cat Power - The Covers Record (Matador)
Flanger - Midnight Sound (N'Tone)
Wu-Tang Clan - The W (Loud)
C-Schultz & Hajsch - C-Schultz & Hajsch (Sonig)
Jah Wobble - Molam Dub (30 Hertz)
Angus MacLise - Brain Damage In Oklahoma City (Quakebasket)
Charlemagne Palestine - Karenina (Durtro)
Sonic Youth - NYC Ghosts & Flowers (Geffen)
Milford Graves - Stories (Tzadik)
John Fahey - Hitomi (LivHouse)

Avant Rock & Out Pop
John Fahey - Hitomi (LivHouse)
Sonic Youth - NYC Ghosts & Flowers (Geffen)
Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Levez Vos Skinny Fists. . . (Constellation)
The Dead C - The Dead C (Language)
The Fall - The Unutterable (Eagle Rock)
Radiohead - Kid A (Capitol)
High On Fire - The Art Of Self Defense (Man's Ruin)
Lou Reed - Ecstasy (Reprise)
Fushitsusha - I Saw It! That Which Before I Could Only Sense (Paratactile)
Mass - From Zero (Paratactile)
Sigur Rós - Agætis Byrjun (Fat Cat)
Björk - SelmaSongs (One Little Indian)
Hoahio -Ohayo Hoahio (Tzadik)
Mahar Shalal Hash Baz - From A Summer To Another Summer. . . (Geographic)
The Sea And Cake- Oui (Thrill Jockey)
Boredoms - Vision, Creation, Newsun (WEA Japan)
Electric Wizard - Dopethrone (Rise Above)
Royal Trux - Pound For Pound (Domino)
Acid Mothers Temple - Troubadours From Another Heavenly World (PSF)
Primal Scream - Exterminator (Creation)

Susumu Yokota - Sakura (Leaf)
Isolée - Rest (Playhouse)
Kid606 - Down With The Scene (Ipecac)
Pole - Pole 3 (Kiff SM)
Flanger - Midnight Sound (NTone)
Add N To (X) - Add Insult To Injury (Mute)
Biosphere - Cirque (Touch)
Microstoria - Model 3, Step 2 (Zomba)
Ultra-red - Structural Adjustments (Mille Plateaux)
Dettinger - Oasis (Kompakt)
Thomas Brinkmann - Soul Center Vol 2 (WvB Enterprises)
Vladislav Delay - Multila (Chain Reaction)
Blectum From Blechdom - The Messy Jesse Fiesta (Deluxe)
C-Schulz & Hajsch - C-Schulz & Hajsch (Sonig)
Luomo -Vocalcity (Force Tracks)
Alva Noto - Prototypes (Mille Plateaux)
Uusitalo - Vapaa Muurari Live (Force Inc)
Vert - The Köln Concert (Sonig)
Arovane - Atol Scrap (Din)
Dr Rockit - Indoor Fireworks (Lifelike)

Jah Wobble - Molam Dub (30 Hertz)
Nils Økland - Straum (Rune Grammofon)
Various - Ndau, Sena Tonga, Shona: Other Musics From Zimbabwe (Sharp Wood)
Mohammed Reza Shajarian & Kayhan Kalhor - Night Silence Desert (Traditional Crossroads)
Hariprasad Chaurasia & Shiv Kumar Sharma - Rasdhara (Navras)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Dust To Gold (Real World)
Various - Sacred Music Of The Moroccan Jews (Ocora)
Ustad Sultan Khan - The Legend Continues (Navras)
Ahallil De Gourara Sacred - Songs From The Sahara (Institut Du Monde Arabe)
Ruben Gonzalez - Chanchullo (World Circuit)
Boubacar Traore Maciré (Indigo/Label Bleu)
Larry Coryell & Hariprasad Chaurasia - Music Without Boundaries (Navras)
Zia Mohiddin Dagar Raga Yama/Raga Shudda Todi (Nimbus)
Cheikha Remitti - The Source Of The Raï (Institut Du Monde Arabe)
Various - Moroccan Sufis & Berbers Dances & Trances (World Arbiter)
The Wagogo Tanzania: Wagogo Songs (Ocora)
Tabla Beat Science - Tala Matrix (Axiom/Palm Pictures)
Sussan Deyhim - Turbulent (Eyestorm)
Various - Morocco Jilala Confraternity (Ocora)
DJ Cheb i Sabbah - MahaMaya: Shri Durga Remixed (Nation)

Derek Bailey - String Theory (Paratactile)
Keith Rowe - Harsh, Guitar Solos (Grob)
Evan Parker & Keith Rowe - Dark Rags (Potlatch)
Derek Bailey & Susie Ibarra - Daedal (Incus)
Bill Dixon & Tony Oxley - Papyrus Vol 1 (Soul Note)
Derek Bailey/Jamaaladeen Tacuma/Calvin Weston - Mirakle (Tzadik)
Thomas Lehn & Gerry Hemingway - Tom & Gerry (Erstwhile)
Parker/Guy/Lytton and Marilyn Crispell - After Appleby (Leo)
Masayoshi Urabe - Solo (PSF)
Joseph Suchy - Sm2le (Grob)
London Improvisors Orchestra - Proceedings (Emanem)
Noël Akchoté - Rien (Winter & Winter)
Mimeo - Electric Chair And Table (Grob)
Konk Pack - Big Deep (Grob)
Gary Smith & Joe Gallivan - Gary Smith & Joe Gallivan (Paratactile)
Sainkho Namtchylak/Shelley Hirsch/Catherine Bott Temenos - Soundtrack (Leo)
Furt - Angel (JdK)
Guillermo Gregorio - Degrees Of Iconicity (Hat [Now] Art)
John Butcher & Phil Durrant - Requests And Antisongs (Erstwhile)
Shoji Hano & Keiji Haino - The Strange Face (Ultra Hard Gel)

Sun Ra - The Great Lost Sun Ra Albums: Cymbals & Crystal Spears (Evidence)
New York Art Quartet - 35th Reunion (DIW)
Joe Harriott - Genius (Jazz Academy)
Chicago Underground Duo - Synesthesia (Thrill Jockey)
Milford Graves - Stories (Tzadik)
Sun Ra & His Solar Myth Arkestra - Life Is Splendid (Total Energy)
Ken Vandermark's Joe Harriott Project - Straight Lines (Atavistic)
Andrew Hill - Dusk (Palmetto)
Alexander Von Schlippenbach Trio - Complete Combustion (FMP)
Cecil Taylor - Melancholy (FMP)
Witches & Devils - At The Empty Bottle (Knitting Factory)
Anthony Braxton - Live At The Knitting Factory Piano Quartet 1994 Vol 2 (Leo)
Susie Ibarra Trio - Radiance (Hopscotch)
Anderson/Drake/Jordan/Parker - Two Days In April (Eremite)
Dave Douglas - A Thousand Evenings (RCA Victor)
The Necks - Hanging Gardens (Fish Of Milk)
David S Ware - Surrendered (Columbia)
Chicago Underground Trio - Flamethrower (Delmark)
Dave Douglas - Leap Of Faith (Arabesque)
Test - Live Test (Eremite)

Modern Classical
Gordon Mumma - Studio Retrospective (Lovely Music)
Iannis Xenakis - Persepolis (Fractal)
Bernard Parmegiani - Pop Eclectic (Plate Lunch)
Ingram Marshall - Ikon And Other Early Works (New World)
Morton Feldman - All Piano (London Hall)
Morton Feldman - Complete Music For Violin And Piano (Mode)
Charlemagne Palestine - Karenina (Durtro)
Iannis Xenakis - Complete Works For Solo Paino (Mode)
Mauricio Kagel - Playback Play (Winter & Winter)
Salvatore Sciarrino - Infinito Nero (Kairos)
George Antheil - Ballet Mecanique (EMF)
Lois V Vierk - River Beneath The River (Tzadik)
Arvo Pärt - I Am The True Vine (ECM)
Elliott Carter - Clarinet Concerto/Symphonia (Deutsche Grammophon)
Fernando Grillo - Fluvine (Ampersand)
Fartein Valen - The Eternal (Rune Grammofon)
Michael Finnissy - Gershwin Arrangements (Metier)
John Schott - Shuffle Play: Elegies For The Recordng Angel (New World)
Charlemagne Palestine - Schlongo!!!daLUVdrone (Organ Of Corti)
Anthony Braxton - Trillium R (Braxton House)

Outer Limits
Terry Riley - Music For The Gift (Organ Of Corti)
Raymond Scott - Manhattan Research Inc (Basta)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - BTTB (Sony)
Otomo Yoshihide - Cathode (Tzadik)
Angus MacLise - Brain Damage In Oklahoma City (Quakebasket)
Pauline Oliveros - Primordial/Lift (Table Of The Elements)
Cale/Conrad/MacLise/Young/Zazeela - Inside The Dream Syndicate Vol 1: Day Of Niagara (1965) (Table Of The Elements)
Philip Jeck - Vinyl Coda I-III (Intermedium)
Merzbow - Merzbox (Extreme Special Editions)
Christian Marclay & Otomo Yoshihide - Moving Parts (Asphodel)
Fennesz/O'Rourke/Rehberg The Magic Sound Of Fenno'berg (Mego)
Volcano The Bear - The One Burned Ma (Misra)
Francisco López - Untitled #92 (Mego)
Steve Roden - The Radio (Sonoris)
Dean Roberts And The Black Moths - Play The Grand Cinema (Ritornell)
Rob Ellis - Music For The Home (Leaf)
Hermann Nitsch - Das 6 Tage Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters (Organ Of Corti)
Peter Cusack - The Horse Was Alive The Cow Was Dead (LMC)
Fennesz/Rosy - Parlane Live (Synaesthesia)
Mike Cooper - Kiribati (Hipshot)

Critical Beats
Company Flow & Cannibal Ox "DPA" (Def Jux)
Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth "Kill Or Be Killed" (Full Watts)
Jay Z "Big Pimpin'" (Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella)
Architechs "Bodygroove" (Relentless)
Techno Animal vs Dalek "Megaton/Classical Homicide" (Matador)
Outkast "BOB" (La Face/Arista)
Kid Entropy "So Far/Pan Am" (Semiconscious Media)
Non-Phixion "Black Helicopters" (Matador)
Ghostface Killah "Apollo Kids" (Epic)
Common "The Light" (MCA)
DJ Scud & I-Sound "Mortal Clash" (Ambush)
Recloose "Can't Take It/Absence Of One" (Planet E)
Kid606 "Attitude" (V/VM)
Klute "We Are The Ones/Drive Down" (Certificate 18)
Christoph De Babalon Vs Kid606 "Split Series" (Fat Cat)

Anti-Pop Consortium - Tragic Epilogue (75 Ark)
Outkast -Stankonia (La Face/Arista)
Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Ninja Tune)
Company Flow & Cannibal Ox - Five Songs From Def Jux (Def Jux)
Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele (Epic)
MF Doom Operation: Doomsday (Fondle 'Em)
Wu-Tang Clan - The W (Loud)
Quasimoto - The Unseen (Stone's Throw)
Dose One & Boom Bip - Circles (Mush)
Infesticons - Gun Hill Road (Big Dada)
Spectre - The End (Wordsound)
Dilated Peoples - The Platform (Capitol)
Mr Dibbs - Live In Memphis (Stereo-Type)
Mike Ladd - Welcome To The Afterlife (Ozone)
Jurassic 5 - Quality Control (Interscope)

Compilations A-Z
Bollywood Funk (Outcaste)
Caipirïssima (Caipirinha)
Cleveland Confidential (Overground)
Clicks + Cuts (Mille Plateaux)
Deep Ska (Proper)
Definition Of Ill (Copasetik)
Disco Not Disco (Strut)
Doughboys, Playboys & Cowboys (Proper)
Droppin' Science: The Best Of Cold Chillin' (BBE)
Early Modulations: Vintage Volts (Caipirinha)
Fagjazz (Comatonse)
Frikyiwa Collection 1 (Frikyiwa)
Hitler & Hell: War Songs (Trikont)
Hmm (Sprawl Imprint)
Jazzactuel (Charly)
Kid606 And Friends Vol 1 (Tigerbeat6)
Le Jazz Non: A Collection Of Norwegian Noise (Rune Grammofon)
New Orleans Funk (Soul Jazz)
Ohm: Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (Ellipsis Arts)
Plus 8 Classics 1990-97 (Novamute)
Schoolhouse Funk (Cali-Tex)
Slidin' On The Frets: The Hawaiian Steel Guitar Phenomenon (Yazoo)
Solesides' Greatest Bumps (Quannum)
Studio One Rockers (Soul Jazz)
Teenage Shutdown series (Teenage Shutdown)
T_Zero_0 (Touch)
Unclassical 0.1 (Sub Rosa)
Voices In My Lunchbox (Plug Research)
Women Of Rembetika (Rounder)
Xen Cuts (Ninja Tune)

Reissues A-Z
Dr Alimantado - Best Dressed Chicken In Town (Keyman)
Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Les Stances À Sophie (Soul Jazz)
Big Youth - Natty Cultural Dread 1973-76 (Blood & Fire)
Peter Brötzmann Sextet/Octet - Nipples (Atavistic Unheard Music)
Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey/Garvey's Ghost (Simply Vinyl)
The Buzzcocks - Spiral Scratch (Mute)
John Cage & Kenneth Patchen - The City Wears A Slouch Hat (Organ Of Corti)
Centipede Septober Energy (BGO)
The Congos - Heart Of The Congos (Blood & Fire/Simply Vinyl)
Cornelius Cardew/The Scratch Orchestra - The Great Learning (Organ Of Corti)
Ornette Coleman - Compete Science Fiction Sessions (Sony)
John Coltrane - Ascension (Impulse!)
Creation Rebel - Starship Africa (On-U Sound)
ESG - A South Bronx Story (Soul Jazz)
Faust - The Wümme Years 1970-73 (ReR)
Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation (Sire)
Pierre Henry - Mix 01.0 (Philips)
Henry Cow - In Praise Of Learning (ReR)
Sonny Hopson - The Mighty Burner (Philly Archives)
Iskra - 1903 Chapter One 1970-72 (Emanem)
Kenny Process Team - 1994-97 (Bingo)
King Tubby - Essential Dub (Metro)
KMD - Black Bastards (Readyrock)
Ennio Morricone/Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura OST (Dago Red)
Jackie Mittoo - Macka Fat (Studio One)
Conlon Nancarrow - Studies For Player Piano (Wergo)
Augustus Pablo - El Rockers (Pressure Sounds)
Ray Russell - Live At The ICA/Retrospective (Moikai)
Sonny Sharrock - Black Woman (Vortex)
Smith & Mighty - Bass Is Maternal (Studio K7)
The Stooges Complete - Fun House Sessions (Rhino Handmade)
Suicide - Half Alive (ROIR)
Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra - When Angels Speak Of Love (Evidence)
Sun Ra - Lanquidity (Evidence)
Various - Dancehall 101 (VP)
Various - Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music Vol 1 (Rounder)
Various - Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea Vol 1 (Rounder)
Edward Vesala - Rodina (Love)
Sylford Walker & Welton Irie Lambs Bread International (Blood & Fire)
John Zorn - The Big Gundown Complete Edition (Tzadik)

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