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Os Melhores Discos de 2002 - Wire

Sonic Youth - Murray Street (Geffen)
Derek Bailey - Ballads (Tzadik)
Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi (Warp)
Asa-Chang & Junray - Jun Ray Song Chang (Leaf)
Various -Improvised Music From Japan (Improvised Music From Japan)
Jim O'Rrourke -Insignificance (Domino)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Yanqui Uxo (Constellation)
Ceci L Taylor Feel Trio - 2 Ts For A Lovely T (Codanza)
Dj /Rupture - Minesweeper Suite (Tigerbeat6)
Philip Jeck - Stoke (Touch)
Barbara Ess & Peggy Ahwesh - Radio Guitar (Ecstatic Peace)
Eliane Radigue - Adnos I - III (Table Of The Elements)
El-P - Fantastic Damage (Def Jux)
Suicide - American Supreme (Blast First)
Vajra - Mandala Cat Last (Psf)
Antipop Consortium - Arrhythmia (Warp)
Radian - Rec.Extern (Thrill Jockey)
Low - Trust (Rough Trade)
Henri Chopin/Various - Revue Ou (Alga Marghen)
Raoul Bjorkenheim/Ingebrigt Håker Flaten/Paal Nilssen-Love - The Scorch Trio (Rune Grammofon)
Lol Coxhill - Spectral Soprano (Emanem)
Recloose - Cardiology (Planet E)
Akufen - My Way (Force Inc)
David S Ware - Freedom Suite (Aum Fidelity)
Super_Collider - Raw Digits (Rise Robots Rise)
Tom Waits - Alice (Anti)
The Liars - They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top (Blast First)
Murcof - Martes (Leaf)
Sigur Rós - () (Fat Cat)
Missy Elliott - Under Construction (Elektra)
Soul Center - III (Novamute)
Polwechsel & Fennesz - Wrapped Islands (Erstwhile)
Cinematic Orchestra - Everyday (N Inja Tune)
Various - The Fire This Time (Hidden Art)
Ekkehard Ehlers - Plays (Staubgold)
Heiner Goebbels - Eislermaterial (Ecm)
Terry Riley - Atlantis Nath (Sri Moonshine Music)
Blevin Blectum - Talon Slalom (Deluxe)
Tin Hat Trio - The Rodeo Eroded (Rope A Dope)
Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit - Secret Rhythms (Nonplace)
Jackie-O Motherfucker - Change (Texti Le)
Vincent Gallo - Recordi Ng Of Music For F Ilms (Warp)
Mr Lif - I Phantom (Def Jux)
Farben - Texstar (Klang Elektronik)
Patti Smith - Land 1975-2002 (Arista)
The Notwist - Neon Golden (City Slang)
Rocket From The Tombs - The Day The Earth Met... (G Litterhouse)
Otomo Yoshihide - Ensemble Cathode (Improvised Music From Japan)
Cheb-I-Sabbah - Krishna Li La (Six Degrees)
Kid606 - The Action Packed Mentalist Brings You Fucking Jams (Violent Turd)

Avant Rock
Sonic Youth: Murray Street (Geffen)
Suicide: American Supreme (Blast First)
Vajra: Mandala Cat Last (PSF)
Sigur Ros: () (Fat Cat)
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band: Dust Sucker (Milksafe)
Out Hud: S.T.R.E.E.T.D.A.D (Kranky)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO: Electric Heavyland (Alien 8)
The Liars: They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top (Blast First)
Jim O¹Rourke: Insignificance (Domino)
Le Tigre: Remix (Kill Rock Stars)
The Suntanama: The Suntanama (Drag City)
Wire: Read And Burn 01 (Pink Flag)
Jackie-O Motherfucker: Change (Textile)
Barbara Ess & Peggy Ahwesh: Radio Guitar (Ecstatic Peace)
Vibracathedral Orchestra: ??? (VHF)

Dub & Roots

The Skatalites/King Tubby The Legendary Skatalites In Dub (Motion Records)
The Bug vs The Rootsman featuring Mexican www (Razor X)
Atom ™/Small Rocks/The Rip Off Artist Dub Tribunl (Inflatabl)
Dry & Heavy Dub Creation (Beat Records)
Cedric 'Im Brooks Lamb's Bread Collie/Version (Honest Jon¹s 12")
Restless Mashaits Kingston Sessions 1992-2002 (Addis)
Stranger Cole/Leroy Heptone Revolution/The Time Is Now (Wackies)
Love Grocer Fresh Produce (DubHead)
V-Neck Millennium (Law&Auder)
Lenky Diwali (Greensleeves)v

Soul Center III (Nova Mute)
Boards Of Canada: Geogaddi (Warp)
Hrvatski: Swarm And Dither (Planet Mu)
Scion: Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks (Tresor)
Murcof: Martes (Leaf)
Ekkehard Ehlers: Plays (Staubgold)
Fennesz: Field Recordings 1995-2002 (Touch)
Susumu Yokota: The Boy And The Tree (Leaf)
Pita: Get Down (Mego)
Matmos: Live With J Lesser (Vague Terrain)
AGF: Head Slash Bauch (Orthlorng Musork)
Random Inc: Walking In Jerusalem (Mille Plateaux)
Super_Collider: Raw Digits (Rise Robots Rise)
Akufen: My Way (Force Inc)
Kim Hiorthøy: Melke (Smalltown Supersound)

Orchestra Baobab Specialist In All Styles (World Circuit)
Cheb-I-Sabbah: Krishna Lite (Six Degrees)
Badawi: Soldier Of Midian (ROIR)
Alèmu Aga: Ethiopiques 11: The Harp Of King David (Buda Musique)
Various: Ghana Soundz (Soundway)
Various: Ethiopiques 10: Tezeta: Ethiopian Blues And Ballads (Buda Musique)
Various: Afghanistan: The Traditional Music Of Herat (Auvidis)
Orchestra Super Mazembe: Giants Of East Africa (Sterns/Earthworks)
The Gyuto Monks: The Perfect Jewel: Sacred Chants Of Tibet (Rykodisc)
Cyro Baptista: Beat The Donkey (Tzadik)

Hip Hop
El-P Fantastic Damage (Def Jux)
RJD2: Deadringer (Def Jux)
Anti-Pop Consortium: Arrhythmia (Warp)
DJ /Rupture: Minesweeper Suite (Tigerbeat 6)
Boom Bip: Seed To Sun (Lex)
DJ Vadim: USSR: The Art Of Listening (Ninja Tunes)
Missy Elliott: Under Construction (Elektra)
Buck 65: Square (Warners)
Themselves: The No Music. (Anticon)
Killer Mike: Akshon (Arista)
Mr Lif: I Phantom (Def Jux)
Boom Bip & Dose One: Circle (Leaf)
Sage Francis: Personal Journals (Anticon)
Blackalicious: Blazing Arrow (MCA)
DJ Shadow: The Private Press (Island)

Derek Bailey: Ballads (Tzadik)
MIMEO/John Tilbury: The Hands Of Caravaggio (Erstwhile)
Derek Bailey: Pieces For Guitar (Tzadik)
Roger Smith: Greenwood (Emanem)
Nicols/Kraaabel/Hug: Transitions (Emanem)
Evan Parker & Han Bennink: The Grass Is Greener (Psi)
Polwechsel/Fennesz: Wrapped Islands (Erstwhile)
Derek Bailey & Min Xiao-Fen: Flying Dragons (Incus)
Derek Bailey & Simon H Fell: 15 August 2001 (Sound 323)
Lol Coxhill: Spectral Soprano (Emanem)
Mike Adcock & Clive Bell: Sleep It Off (Emanem)
Chris Cutler: Solo (ReR Megacorp)
Efzeg: Boogie (Grob)
Masayoshi Urabe & Chie Mukai: Dual Anarchism (SIWA)
Sonic Youth/ICP/The Ex: In The Fishtank (Konkurrent)

Cecil Taylor: 2Ts For A Lovely T (Codonza)
David S Ware: Freedom Suite (AUM Fidelity)
The Arthur Doyle Electro-Accoustic Ensemble: Plays The African Love Call (Ecstatic Yod!)
Tomasz Stanko: Soul Of Things (ECM)
William Parker Quartet featuring Leena Conquest: Raining On The Moon (Thirsty Ear)
Peter Brötzmann/Die Like A Dog Quartet: Aoyama Crows (FMP)
Craig Taborn: Light Made Lighter (Thirsty Ear)
Otomo Yoshihide¹s New Jazz Quintet: Dreams (Tzadik)
Brötzmann/Parker/Wertmuller: Nothung (In Tone)
Fieldwork: Your Life Flashes (PI)
Andrew Hill: A Beautiful Day (Palmetto)
Close Erase: Dance This (BP)
Susie Ibarra Trio: Songbird Suite (Tzadik)
Bill Wells Trio: Almost In White (Geographic)
The Scortch Trio: The Scortch Trio (Rune Grammofon)

Modern Composition
Eliane Radigue: Adnos I-III (Table Of The Elements)
Gordon Mumma: Live Electronic Music (Tzadik)
Charlemagne Palestine: Music For Big Ears (Staalplaat)
Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra Of Excited Strrings: The Adding Machine (Cantaloupe)
Richard Teitelbaum: Blends (New Albion)
Simon H Fell: Thirteen Rectangles (Bruce¹s Fingers)
Terry Riley: Atlantis Nath (Sri Moonshine Music)
Gloria Coates: String Quartets (Naxos)
Helmut Lachenmann: Schwankungen Am Rand (ECM)
Morton Feldman: Indeterminate Music (Mode)
Frank Denyer: Fired City (Tzadik)
Heiner Goebbels: Eislermaterial (ECM)
Frederic Rzewski: Rzewski Plays Rzewski (Nonesuch)
Iannis Xenakis: Persepolis + Remixes (Asphodel)
Helmut Lachenmann: Das Madchen Mit Den Schwefelholzern (Kairos)

Outer Limits
Philip Jeck: Stoke (Touch)
Kevin Drumm: Sheer Hellish Miasma (Mego)
Akio Suzuki: Odds And Ends (Horen)
Henry Flynt: Raga Electric: Experimental Music 1963-71 (Locust)
Henry Flynt: New American Ethnic Music Vol 2: Spindizzy (Recorded)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop: BBC Radiophonic Music (BBC Music)
Henri Chopin/Various: Revue OU (Algha Marghen)
Konstantin Raudive/Various: The Voices Of The Dead (Sub Rosa)
William Basinski: The Disintegration Loops (2062)
If Bwana: I, Angelica (Pogus)
Thunderboy! Thunderboy! (Table Of The Elements)
Thuja: Ghost Plants (Emperor Jones)
Mass Producers: PLSE III & IV (Mass Producers)
Erkki Kurenniemi: Recordings 1963-73 (Love)
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Playthroughs (Kranky)

Compilations A-Z
Bip-Hop Generation Vol 5 (Bip-Hop)
Digital Disco (Force Tracks)
Freedom Of The City: Small Groups (Emanem)
Futurism (City Rockers)
Golden Years Of The Soviet New Jazz Vol 2 (Leo)
Improvised Music From Japan (Improvised Music From Japan)
London Is The Place For Me: Trinidadian Calypso In London 1950-56 (Honest Jon¹s)
No Bones For The Dogs: Dubs From The Mighty Two 1974-79 (Pressue Sounds)
Not Necessarily ŒEnglish Music¹ (EMF/Leonardo Music Journal)
Playgroup: DJ Kicks (Studio K7)
Rough Trade Shops: Electronic 01 (Mute)
Rough Trade Shops: Rock And Roll 01 (Mute)
Studio One Scorcher: Instrumentals (Soul Jazz)
The Fire This Time (Hidden Art)
2 Many DJs (Soulwax)

Re-Issues A-Z
Amalgam: Prayer For Peace (FMR)
Albert Ayler: Lörrach/Paris 1966 (hatOLOGY)
Peter Brötzmann: For Adolphe Sax (Unheard Music Series)
Cabaret Voltaire: The Original Sound Of Sheffield 1978-82 (Mute)
Coldcut: Journeys By DJ (Ninja Tune)
Ornette Coleman: At The Golden Circle Vols 1 & 2 (Blue Note)
Alice Coltrane: Universal Consciousness (Impulse!)
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme Deluxe Edition (Impulse!)
Tony Conrad with Faust: Outside The Dream Syndicate 30th Anniversary Edition (Table Of The Elements)
Die Todliche Doris: Kinderringelreihen Für Wahren Toren des Grals (Psychedelic Pig)
Ground Zero: Plays Standards (ReR Megacorp)
Takehisa Kosugi: Catch Wave (Showboat)
Phil Niblock: YPGN (XI)
Augustus Pablo: East Of The River Nile 25th Anniversary Edition (Shanchie)
Roger Reynolds: All Known All White (Pogus)
Sun Ra & His Arkestra: Music From Tomorrow¹s World (Unheard Music Series)
Taj Mahal Travellers: July 15, 1972 (Showboat)
The Velvet Underground & Nico: The Velvet Underground & Nico Deluxe Editon (Universal)
Various: The Wicker Man OST (Silva Screen)
Frank Wright: Church Number Nine (Black Keys)

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